Strategic Planning Session

Strategic Planning Session

Strategic Planning Session (materials include: Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, Handouts, PowerPoint presentation)

"If you don't know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else."

In this highly interactive session, participants will work to set the major visionary goals for the organization's 3-5 year vision.  This involves assessing the current situation with an action plan to move towards the ideal situation.  Participants will also work together to create a mission statement for their organization as well as define success factors and strategies for success.  Action planning is covered at the end of the session. 

Overall the major objective of this session is to: Determine the strategic vision and plan for the (INSERT Organization)

NOTE:  This session is best delivered in 2 1/2 day sessions, however, this also works very well in a 1-day session. In session 1 work through the activities until you reach the point where groups have defined their mission statement at their tables.  At this point, you will have 4-6 draft mission statements.  Allow 1 week to pass.  During this week, send out the draft mission statements to participants to allow them to review the statements again.  Also during this week, gather the key stakeholders together to work with the various mission statements and write one mission statement.  Start the next session by presenting this mission statement.  Then continue with the remainder of the activities.

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